The Greenwood Library of American War Reporting Volume 1: The French and Indian War; The Revolutionary War Volume 2: The War of 1812; The Mexican-American War Volume 3: The Civil War North; The Civil War South Volume 4: The Indian Wars; The Spanish-American War Volume 5: World War I; World War II, The European Theater Volume 6: World War II, The Asian Theater; The Korean War Volume 7: The Vietnam War; Post-Vietnam Conflicts Volume 8: The Iraq Wars and the War on Terror & Index The Greenwood Library of American War Reporting presents a unique and unfiltered presentation of American History from colonial days to the present through annotated primary documents of journalists and reporters writing as events occured. The definitive reference source on culture and history during wartime America's conflicts, each volume collects key news reports on battles, politics, the home front, peace talks, massacres, and much more. Substantial context-setting overviews introduce every volume, topical chapter, and unabridged primary source. Over 2,500 annotated news reports - newspaper and magazine articles, and radio and television transcripts - and 400 drawings and photos cover every major and most minor conflicts over the past 250 years, from the French & Indian Wars to the War on Terror. Read history as it was being made in these immediate, raw, and often confused reports about life-and-death struggles on the front lines and the critical activities on the home front. Features: BLPulitzer Prize-Winning Articles and Photos BLAll Articles are annotated BLReader's Guide to Documents BLIntroductory Essays BL2,500 Primary Documents BL400 Images BLThematic Indices Topics to explore using the set include: BLAfrican Americans and war BLNative Americans and war BLWomen and War BLChildren and War BLDaily life and the home front BLRacism and Race Relations BLEconomics and war BLMassacres adn Atrocities BLBattles at Sea BLAir Battles BLLand Campaigns BLInvasions BLMilitary Leaders BLPolitical Leaders BLEspionage BLAnti-war protests BLCensorship BLPropaganda BLPeace Treaties adn Armistices BLPacifism BLConcentration Camps BLThe Atom Bomb BLCivilian Casualties BLTerrorism BLPrisoners of War BLPresidential Politics Includes Pieces Written or Presented by well-known figures such as: BLErnie Pyle BLStephen Crane BLErnest Hemingway BLMarguerite Higgins BLGeorge Padmore BLEdward R. Murrow BLMargaret Bourke-White BLJohn Hersey BLJohn Brown BLWilliam Lloyd Garrison BLWilliam Harding BLWalter Cronkite BLPeter Arnett BLDavid Halberstam BLMorley Safer BLMichael Herr BLSeymour M. Hersh BLRobert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer BLBob Woodward BLRandall Pinkston BLJudy Woodruff BLPeggy Durdin BLJohn Paul Vann BLBernard Shaw BLLarry King BLDan Rather BLWilliam Safire BLKatie Couric Sample of Where Work was Originally Published in or Presented: BLChicago Defender BLSaturday Evening Post BLStars & Stripes BLNew York Times BLWashington Post BLSan Francisco Chronicle BLLife BLCleveland Plain Dealer BLNew York World BLChicago Daily News BLWall Street Journal BLTime BLBoston Globe BLChristian Science Moniter BLAtlanta Journal and Constitution BLSt. Paul Pioneer Press BLCNN BLKentucky Journal BLBaltimore Sun BLHartford Daily Current BLCharleston Mercury BLSavannah Republican BLNewsweek BLRamparts BLThe New Republic BLThe New Yorker BLCBS Evening News BLHarper's BLLos Angeles Times BLThe Associated Press BLThe MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour BLNational Intelligencer BLAlbany Gazette BLThe Liberator BLNightline BLABC World News Now BLNPR: All Things Considered BLFairness & Accuracy in Reporting Highlights: BLGeorge Washington's 1754 Expedition to the Ohio Valley BLThe Fall of Fort Duquesne, 1758 BLThe Fall of Quebec BLThe Boston Tea Party BLThe Declaration of Independence BLThe Battle of Yorktown BLTecumseh, the Prophet, and Native Americans BLBurning of Washington BLBattle of New Orleans BLThe Alamo and Texas Revolution BLManifest Destiny BLThe Wilmot Proviso BLSouthern Cessation from the Union BLThe Emancipation Proclamation BLThe Battle of Shiloh BLThe Battle of Gettysburg BLSherman's March to the Sea BLAppomattox Courtyard BLThe Modoc War BLThe Battle of Little Bighorn BLWounded Knee BLThe Destruction of the Maine BLYellow Journalism and the Spanish-American War BLThe Philippines Insurrection BLSinking of the Lusitania BLThe Zimmermann Telegram BLWoodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points BLBlack United States Servicemen in England BLD-Day and Its Immediate Aftermath BLFreeing the German Concentration Camp Prisoners BLThe Attack on Pearl Harbor BLInvasion of Okinawa BLDropping the Atom Bomb on Nagasaki BLTurnabout at Inchon BLTruman versus MacArthur BLBlack Soldiers and the Women of the Korean War BLTet Offensive BLSiege of Khesanh BLMylai Massacre BLClan Wars in Somalia, 1992-1993 BLWar in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1992-1997 BLSeptember 11 Attacks BLThe PATRIOT Act BLHomeland Security BLAbu Ghraib Prisoner Abuse