This is an interesting relic of a book for those who are fascinated by the glitzy city and the history that shaped it. Since it was published in 1961, it's outdated in many ways, but it does give a fascinating look behind the curtain of show-biz, urban growth, and, of course, gambling. The writing is journalistic (expected since the author was of that profession) and engaging. Reid breaks the story down into the origins and history of Vegas, the personalities who shaped the city in its early years, the nature of the geographical and urban area as observed in the time the book was written, the types of people who are drawn to the city, and overviews of the economy and occupations of the city.

LAS VEGAS: CITY WITHOUT CLOCKS is a bit like watching an old documentary. Those with an interest in the subject matter will be likely to enjoy this relatively short fast-paced book. It may be a bit eye-opening to frequent visitors of the city and even stir memories for those who have visited Vegas over a period of many decades. The book will not be of much use as a guide for current Vegas visitors, but it is a fun retrospective of what was in the past that made this now famous metropolitan vacation and convention destination what it has become today. The author is spot on regarding the nature of the survivability of Vegas in the future as seen from his perspective on the Vegas timeline, yet I would imagine that Ed Reid would be amazed as to what the city has become.

The book includes several pages of vintage photographs.