If you are reading this book because you don't want to know how Giuliani thinks and works then this isn't the book for you. Giuliani will share facts, figures,names, dates, and times to support what he believes makes a good leader and how to become one. He will tell you how he discovered what makes a good leader, the effect situations had on him and how he strives to be a good leader.
I read this book because I wasn't exposed to negative prejudices about him. I'm from NYC and grew up with a family that adored him and was proud of him in 2001.
Giuliani is frank and honest in his beliefs in a take it or leave it way. He is a Yankee's fan at a Mets game but will not change teams and respects the Mets fans.
In much detail, Giuliani gives his personal opinions and examples from his time as a lawyer and time as mayor. You may not be running a business or a city but there is still a lot to take home with this book. Even though you may not be the mayor, or boss you can still be a leader and find this book helpful.
Giuliani also touches on happenings of 9/11 and it's bet endearing to hear what he experienced and his thoughts. It's not a bio of 9/11 or the insiders' view.
As for the writing, the book is very well written. I can't say if this is in part due to Giuliani or Ken or which is the better story teller. I want to say its an easy read but there's a lot of information and names so I had to put it down even though I didn't want to. I hate that it took me so long to read.
Even though he is flawed, I felt Guiliani was a good and respected leader to learn from. I really loved this book and will take the lessons with me.