This book was a required reading for me for my MBA program in which one of my concentrations is in Leadership Development. When I requested it from Netgalley, I thought it looked familiar, but when I saw the edition above, I recognized it as the book I had used.

What stood out most to this book was that the "lessons" from the author could be used in multiple sectors. From non-profit to for profit. He, excellently, used "real life" lessons that in the work I have done tends to work better than in simple dicatating of expectations. Also, although the author used many historical figures in his lesson, the lessons "taught" were timeless, as should be the case in true leadership development.

As I am writing this from a business perspective, I could easily see this used with new leaders, as well as in a HR/OD setting.

I wish I could give it more than 5 stars..I truly believe, as I believed then, this book has alot of life lessons for our young adults all the way up to corporate leadership on the "tenets" of what makes someone an ethical leader in society.