Apurv and Radhika's hierarchy of love has been reversed.
Committed yet somehow single, they are now in a long distance relationship.
Once again their love life is all about e-mails, Skype and e-cards.
September marked the upside of long distance. October downside.
November made them miss their firsts. Insecurities ruled December.
Valentine's month sprang loneliness. March for wedding fever and what not.
Accompanied by...

Shweta breaking all bounds for her childish crushes.
Shrey the hunk with punk and without a girl.
Nidhi, the girl who is juggling two guys at a time.
Akshat 'grim geek' who's girlfriend is soon to be married to someone else.
Riya in an attempt to retain her unhealthy relationship with compulsive Virat.
It's going to be a racy, loving, fun-filled, heart breaking, belief shattering, high on jealousy and insecurities, intense on romance and promises, ride for them.
Are you hopping along?