For ten years the mysterious, cruel and alien Emerald Warriors have made inroads into the empire, conquering territory and drawing ever closer to its imperial capital.

In the chaos of war two very different boys form an unlikely friendship. One is Sam, a gentle and pensive village Dreamer who has visions of new possibilities that might be made real, and whose sister, Karis, keeps him anchored in the practical world. The other is Jamie, the dark prince whose parents were killed by the Warriors and who will inherit the throne if he can pass the tests that will qualify him. Tutored in the deadly martial art of Tymenko and the mental disciplines of Asensis, Jamie has been trained to kill.

Working together, Sam and Jamie discover the secret of the Warriors’ power, and with it a weakness they might exploit. But in the process the Warriors learn their identity and seek to eliminate them first. If they are to win back the empire and restore peace to its dominions, the boys must first survive murderous attacks from ruthless enemies.