In Lies Told In The Bedroom, Anna J is back on the scene with some of the hottest authors to date. In this steamy anthology, secrets are revealed and the drama unfolds as those things done in the dark come to light. Was it the steamy lunch time rendezvous with a coworker that got you in trouble? Did the boxers left under the bed that weren't your husbands open your skeleton filled closet? Or was it the lack of sex from your mate the cause of your infidelity? Are you tired of the same boring sex routine, and want some spice in your life? On the pages of Lies Told In The Bedroom, all of these things are explored and more! Get ready for scandal, have your loved one by your side when the heat gets turned up, and be ready for the ride when it all goes down. Late nights and early mornings won't be the only things you remember. Now it's time to let it all, what lies have you told in the bedroom?

In Serendipty by Shakir Rashaan,Jalen tries to set up her girlfriend, Aniya, to catch her in the act of cheating after she notices Aniya getting a little too comfortable and flirty with some of the men patronizing the club they frequent. She enlists the help of the one of the club's bouncers, Teryn, to help set the trap for Aniya. Teryn is initially hesitant, wondering if Jalen understands the road she's traveling. Although the original intent of the interlude was to catch Aniya in the act, they find out that Teryn has a secret that might give them all something they weren't exactly looking for.

In Double Dealing, Niyah Moore let's us know why stepping out in a relationship is not what it's cracked up to be. Sergio Stefani is a multi-million dollar music video director with an appetite for beautiful women, but he's engaged to the mother of his child. Cheating is something he's grown accustomed to, but his fiancée, Jonté is tired of his games. So, he vows to quit. Just when he thinks he's ready to fully commit, he meets a banging flight attendant, Blair. Blair isn't going to be just a one-night stand and has a plan of her own, and that's to be his only one. She does whatever it takes to make Sergio all hers, even if that means exposing Jonté's own secret love affair for good.

In Shame On It All by Rukyyah, Mystic is a woman who has it all. She has a loving husband who provides her things women only could dream of, except for mind blowing sex. She is no stranger to cheating and when she gets caught up with the wrong man, will she be found out? This man gives it to her so good that she let her dirty little secret be known because sexing him is all she can think about.When somebody wants what you have, you never give them dirt that could burry you. Will she be forced to leave the man who has provided so much for her or will she be able to keep her lies that were told in the bedroom just that to keep her man.

In Breach of Contract, Curtis Alexander Hamilton puts a twist on being the body guard that will never be forgotten! Hilliard is a contracted bodyguard hired to protect a newly minted CEO, Lindsay Woodard, who is at the heart of a potential attempt on her life. As Hilliard succumbs to Lindsay's seductive efforts, it jeopardizes his contractual obligations and compromises his objectivity and clarity. The lies continue as he has to keep up appearances to stay in Lindsay's employ, protecting her by day and being her lover by night, all the while flirting with her personal assistant, who also happened to be attracted to him. As the case comes to a close in the attempt on Lindsay's life, Hilliard finds himself in a classic case of misdirection, leaving him to wonder if anything was what it seemed.