*New Edition* 23 March 13

In this novella, Lord Randolph Remington Culpepper, Earl of Greenleigh, is known in Society as "The Boring Earl." His conversations rarely stray from the topic of Renaissance art or Etruscan statuary. He longs for something "more" yet cannot define it. Until he meets the ravishing Lady Illora Ryder.

Young, beautiful, and dangerous, Illora could expose Greenleigh's secret life as an undercover operative for the Foreign Office. As the daughter of the Earl of Harrowby, (the third most powerful man in the British government), she knows more about diplomacy and foreign affairs than the Secretary who sits behind the desk.

When Greenleigh receives a posh assignment as conciliatory diplomat to the Russian Embassy, he thinks his life of midnight raids, and back door espionage finally over. However, an old nemesis appears and Greenleigh finds he and Lady Ryder are merely pawns in the game played among the allies and Bonaparte for control of the Continent.

As the two grow closer, Greenleigh knows Lady Ryder holds the key piece of information that will sway the Russians to their side. When a deadly French spy bent on revenge kidnaps her, Greenleigh must expose himself, not only to the enemy, but to Society as well. Can he save her before it's too late?