When pirates overrun his paddleboat and his new bride Lierin is tossedinto the dangerous river, Ashton Wingate is sure he has lost her forever. Three years later, Ashton's carriage collides with a rider, and he is certain that the unconscious beauty is his lost wife. But when the woman revives, she remembers nothing but faint memories of a dark and murderous night, and feels only trepidation in the arms of her so-called husband.

Willing to remain with him until she recovers, Lierin soon finds generous comfort in Ashton's care. Though her memories remain elusive, she and Ashton forge a relationship of deep passion and love. ThenMalcolm Sinclair arrives and claims that Lierin is actually his wife Lenore, Lierin's twin sister. Lierin must admit that she has memories of Malcolm, though Ashton vows to never lose her again. Tensions flare between the men, and the growing danger seems frighteningly familiar to her. Will Lierin and Ashton be able to uncover the secrets of the past in time to secure a future together?

First published in 1983, Come Love a Stranger has remained a favorite among Woodiwiss fans for good reasons. Set in the South in the 1830sand dappled with well-formed characters, this book is fresh and entertaining on every page. Touches such as a burning madhouse, a melodramatic ex-girlfriend, and a deliciously malevolent villain make for a great read. —Nancy R.E.O'Brien