This handy, glovebox sized Guide helps you identify and buy the Lotus Elise, launched in 1995 and built to the present day. Britain's most popular and sought-after enthusiast sports car, the Elise has captivated a whole new generation of Lotus fans with its super agile handling and performance. This Ultimate Buyers' Guide introduces all the Elise types and uses color photography throughout to discuss the actual problem areas and what to look for when buying a used example.

Johnny Tipler is an international motoring journalist and author with over 30 books published with a variety of sports-orientated themes. He ran the JPS Motorsport Press Office for three years, chronicling the fortunes of Team Lotus and Players-sponsored events.He has contributed regularly to features which include ‘drive’ stories, interviews with key industry figures, sporting events (eg Carrera Panamericana), andbuying guides.Johnny lives in Norwich, England.