Remember your first kiss?Your first crush?Your first date?Bill Cosby remembers his - and he's telling all!With the warmth and wit that made millions laugh at the foibles of Fatherhood and the madness of the way Time Flies, Cosby merrily tackles the "only subject that no one has ever been able to study for."From dating to mating, from scoring to snoring, from saying "I do" to claiming "she did," Love and Marriage offers a rollicking tour of the mysterious, magical, frequently frustrating, and often rocky road to romance.

Laugh along as Cosby recalls how he fumbled and stumbled in and out of infatuations with childhood sweethearts and teen dream girls - all of which was basic training for active duty in the battle of the sexes.Chuckle, too, as he courts coed cuties and swinging singles, then woos and weds his one and only - only to discover a brave new world of marital bliss, including great nights, great fights, in-laws, and kids (five of 'em!).