The century-old "Gentlewoman's Guide to Love and Courtship" is no ordinary book club choice. But for the little book club in Smitten, Vermont, it might be their best book yet!

This book club selection reads like a mystery to Heather. But when Paul comes back into her life, their mystery leads to romance.

Heather is the Smitten Book Club's most devoted mystery-genre reader, a single mom, and the resident organic gardener. When she discovers a decades-old tome at a library sale, she thinks it might hold clues leading to buried gold-exactly what one of the members needs to keep her home. She can't resist a mystery that could lead to treasure.

Paul and Heather have history-history she would rather forget. But when he comes back to his hometown of Smitten, he's determined to put down roots. He soon becomes the architect behind a town community garden and enlists Heather's help there in exchange for his own help looking for hidden gold. As they dig into the earth and the clues, they discover something amazing: lasting love.

"Coble is a great writer, she knows what readers want and she does not disappoint." -"Romantic Times"