A Braunach who jumps to the future to save his uncle

A Pixie who will do anything to heal her sister

Will he find a way to save them both?

Or will he have to choose between his family’s gold and his heart’s treasure?

Luke MacDonald, a charming Braunach from nineteenth century Ireland, uses his uncle’s enchanted amber to time jump to the future. His family’s gold was stolen and he must recover it to save his uncle’s failing mind.

Brianna Wellbrook, a Cornish Pixie, has no choice but to use the gold her ancestor stole two centuries earlier. Her little sister is very ill, and no magic will heal her. She was warned that someone will come to retrieve it but she never expected such a strong and handsome Braunach.

A dark presence followed Luke on his jump, and he wants the gold. Will Luke find a way to save the treasure and their loved ones before all is lost?