Eitaro has been raised by his grandma to serve the Takaya family. But when he goes there after his grandmother's death, it turns out the head of the family has died and he is refused his position as a maid. The new, young and incredibly handsome Takaya-san finally takes pity on him and hires him, partly because he is enchanted by Eitaro's cuteness. And of course, Eitaro ends up falling in love with his master.

*snerk* This was definitely amusing, but omg the uke was... well. Really, really, really naive, even by uke standards. A cute story, even though I don't like how the mangaka tends to emphasize the age difference in her drawings. I did like the setting, even though it was completely ridiculous, again, even by manga standards. (Why did he have to be a maid, anyway? He *could* have been a normal servant. But one shouldn't try applying real world logic to mangas.) In any case, I was laughing a lot while reading this.

(The first side story was really beautiful - until the part where the seme forces himself on the uke. I will never ever understand the appeal of this.)