Jeanine Le Ny created and edited dozens of best-selling novels for teens and young readers before becoming a full-time author.

Her latest series is Once Upon a Prom, a trilogy that follows best friends Jordan, Tara, and Nisha as they plan and scheme and shop for the most important night of their lives. Jeanine attended her own prom in the 1980s in Staten Island. "Shopping for a prom dress, my mom and I found ourselves in a tiny boutique in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn," Jeanine remembers. "The woman who owned the place wore a stiff beehive, where she would hold her reading glasses and a pencil for safe keeping. She sounded like she smoked three packs of cigs a day and called me ‘Baby Doll' the whole time I was there. The place was packed with gowns, but she would only give me three options to try on: the ‘hot vixen look,' the ‘princess look,' and the ‘glamor look.' I chose glamor, of course."

Jeanine Le Ny currently lives with her husband in Staten Island.