Learn Programming with VBA to Automate Your Work
Visual Basic for Applications is the most widespread application programming language around, offering you the ability to automate and customize the behavior of hundreds of VBA-compliant applications. Mastering VBA 6 begins by equipping you with a solid foundation in VBA programming, then moves on to clear, tutorial-based instruction in the specific techniques you need to know to get the performance you want. Coverage includes:
* Understanding what VBA is and what you can do with it
* Recording and editing macros in Microsoft Office applications
* Using the Visual Basic Editor to create and edit code
* Finding the objects, properties, and methods you need for your procedures
* Using variables, constants, and arrays to store and manage information
* Creating loops to repeat actions in your code
* Using conditions to make decisions between different courses of action
* Navigating the object models of VBA-compliant applications
* Creating custom dialog boxes with user forms
* Building modular code for clarity and easy maintenance
* Testing and debugging code and user forms
* Securing your code with digital certificates and VBA 6 security features