Micheal's Magic written by Ms. Charlotte Maclay with 249 pages and printed in 1994.

Cassie Seeger is going on an adventure to find the mysterious lost Native American village of Way Quah. She is determined to enjoy her first vacation in her 26 years. Cassie has had a tough life but her optimistic outlook of life makes her make the best of every situation. So when she needs to find a last minute guide to her lost village, she tries to get Micheal Longlake to agree. Well it half works with the help of Micheal's Native American Grandfather that drums next to Micheal's workshop until he finally agrees to take Cassie on the trip.
Cassie and Micheal constantly have fantasies of sexy time between the two of them which makes the chemistry hot and spicy although there is nothing actually happening. The author has a talent to writing mental fantasy sexy scenes without using any vulgar words or actions, this must be the best sensual romance that still leave the rest to your imagination.
There is mystical natural spirits aspects to this story, which is light and there are tests that the couple goes through whilst looking for the lost village, Way Quah, but this keeps the story interesting and less obviously just a contemporary romance. The only high-tech is a compass so don't expect cell phones or ipads.
2 and half stars