Children are the future.Yeah. Right. We've heard that so many times that the expression has lost all meaning.But there is truth in it. Young people see the world with fresh eyes, looking past outmoded systems and prejudices. They embrace change, they dream up new ideas, and they do it all without batting an eyelash. Incidentally, these happen to be the qualities that set entrepreneurs apart.They also happen to be qualities that are routinely squashed in the public school system. Thinking small, being obedient, and coloring within the lines are considered virtues in the classroom and for anyone looking to get a job in a cubicle. Kids are missing out when no one tells them how much they could achieve by blazing their own trail.That's why we're so passionate about 'What it Takes to Make More Money than Your Parents'. The 25 amazing young people in this book don't just reveal the secrets to their success: they are living proof of the power that young people possess.All you need is an idea and an internet connection.The interviews speak for themselves. If you're holding this book, that means you've already taken the first step to realizing your full potential and making an impact in the world. Don't stop there. We can't wait to meet you at the top.In the mean time, we'd love your support in the form of your stories, suggestions, connections, or celebratory high-fives.