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What does a Zombie Pigman learn at Pigman School?

Ryan the Zombie Pigman, is a regular Pigman living in the Nether. He goes to Pigman
School, where he is learning all the skills he needs to be a Pigman. However, when a
school trip goes wrong, Ryan and his brother find themselves stranded in the light
world! Join them on their adventure to get home, with help from an old, but
unexpected friend!

Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Pigman is perfect for Minecraft fans of all ages. Get them
reading proper English with this well-edited Minecraft adventure series!

Ever wonder what it would be like to experience Minecraft from the INSIDE? Well,
now you can!

In this second book of this hilarious Minecraft adventure series, Ryan the Zombie
Pigman records his adventures in the Nether and the light world, as he learns how to
live as a Pigman, and revisits his past life as a pig.

Follow Ryan as he makes important discoveries like:

What do Zombie Pigmen learn at school?
Do Pigmen like bacon?
Who is Ryan’s mysterious old friend?
Is there anything more boring than mushroom stew?
And much, MUCH more!

With creative storytelling, Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Pigman! is a must-read for any
kid who loves Minecraft. Kids ages 7-14 (even reluctant readers) can't wait to "dig in"
to these Minecraft adventures!

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