What's the connection between reading and writing, and how should they be taught—both together and separately? Discover the answers in this cutting-edge research volume, ideal for use as a graduate-level text or a trusted professional reference. Featuring groundbreaking contributions from a who's who of top-level researchers, this important volume gives educators the foundational knowledge they'll need to plan and deliver high-quality, evidence-based reading and writing instruction aligned with Common Core State Standards. Educators will fully explore the link between reading and writing, learn how they complement and enhance each other, and discover promising instructional approaches that can strengthen all students' literacy skills and reduce achievement gaps.

Integrating reading and writing instruction
Aligning instruction with Common Core State Standards
Effectively translating the results of research studies into everyday practice
Incorporating literacy instruction into academic content areas
Developing a unified assessment model for literacy
Building students' critical thinking skills
Designing instruction and interventions for English language learners
Creating preservice and inservice programs that help teachers support the reading-writing connection
Using technology to teach—and strengthen—the reading-writing connection