Modern Cabin turns a true icon on its head-radically redefining what a cabin can be. For those who've always wanted a woodsy retreat but want to create a softer environment footprint, Michelle Kodis has gathered twenty-two examples of mountain retreats that push the envelope of cabin architecture and lead the way for the cabin of the future. Architects are creating structures that showcase inspiring and innovative construction methods and materials-including prefab components, environmentally responsible and energy-efficient building techniques, and even "smart" house technology.

Sections include:

Updated Rustic Charm: past meets future

Beyond the Traditional Cabin: fresh architectural solutions

Into the Future: ultra-modern cabins constructed with cutting-edge building methods and materials.

Michelle Kodis has been featured on The Jane Pauley Show as well as in such publications as the Los Angeles Times and Time magazine. She is frequently featured on as an expert in homes and architecture.