The Monsternomicon brings the denizens of the Iron Kingdoms to life! This 200+ page book is packed with over 80 interesting and useful creatures, all lavishly illustrated by Matt Wilson and Brian Snoddy. Every monster entry is at least 2 pages long, making this the most detailed, DM-friendly monster reference in the field. The Monsternomicon is suitable for use in any d20 System fantasy setting, but is specially made for fans of the Iron Kingdoms. The book features an exciting cover by Brian Snoddy and these entries:

*Over 80 creatures

*Traits for the playable races of the Iron Kingdoms: trollkin, nyss, gobbers, ogrun

*Three prestige classes (monster hunter, adventuring scholar, bone grinder)

*"Quickplates": quick and easy templates to boost your monsters when you just need to bump up the Challenge Rating a bit

*Bio and stats for Prof. Viktor Pendrake, the book's narrator

*Summary of the cosmology of the iron Kingdoms—learn about the Infernals and their horrifying soul trade

*Rules for discovering monster legends & lore

*Rules for writing and using scholarly tomes