Morals for the 21st Century gives great insight into practical morality, presenting profound moral concepts that are undeniable, yet inspiring, motivating the reader to take action and investigate and improve his life.

For the first time, Baines uses scientific experiments to support many of his arguments about ethics. Baines describes his latest thesis as Moral Physics, and maintains that ethical and human excellence based on the principles of transcendental morality is the prerequisite to attain a bountiful and effective existence.

Generously, Baines describes in awesome detail the deficiencies in the moral makeup of the common man today and how he can work to overcome these deficiencies to create a better life for himself and humanity.

"Morals for the 21st Century," as with all his previous titles, is intended to enrich and harmonize man's understanding of himself and his relation to all.

Unique Feature:

Offers scientific verification for the author's explanation of certain ethical precepts.

Presents an absolutely innovative exposition of the moral order.

About the Author:

John Baines, (literary pseudonym of Dario Salas Sommer), is the contemporary Chilean philosopher and founder of the Dario Salas Institute for Hermetic Science. Baines is a modern philosopher whose unique approach unites contemporary psychological practice with ancient philosophical wisdom. From an early age he has given his heart and soul to the study and dissemination of this practical philosophy based on the esoteric principles of Hermes Trismegistus. As a man, he encompasses the universal qualities of true humanness by actively promoting the individual development of men and women.

Baines began publishing in 1966, quickly becoming acclaimed for works such as "The Secret Science," The Stellar Man," "Does Woman Exist," "Development of the Internal World," "The Science of Love," and HypsoConsciousness." His central theme focuses upon the completion of the voyage of what Freud had called the Ego.

As a practical objective, Baines' philosophy aims to guide modern man in finding his psychic way back to his birthright, of which life in the fast lane has robbed him; namely, an inner tranquility. His writing style is at once straightforward, clear and precise, accounting for his universal appeal.

At present, John Baines divides his year into days spent lecturing in his hometown of Santiago and lecture tours abroad in other South American Cities, the United States and Spain.