It's never easy to see your ex-husband again, especially when there's more than one of him.

With Sadie’s research Steven did the impossible and shocked the world, but what really mattered was if she still loved him.

A short story of 4,500 words.


Sadie brushed her hair and even dabbed on a bit of makeup. She rarely took the time. No one on her research team cared, and she almost never saw anyone else. Steven might notice, though she wasn’t sure she wanted him to.

“Could you get me a little closer?”

The cabbie flipped on the ventilators and lit a cheap cigar. “Not with all these freaks.”

She glared through the barred window.

He puffed then wheezed, “So why you here, babe?”

Sadie swiped her card and keyed in an insulting tip. “To see the head freak.”