“Antonella is an amazing writer, one of the really great journalists. And she's really a good person, too.” - from the introduction by JORDAN BELFORT

What did Jordan Belfort do with an Alsatian dog, a metal nitrous oxide cylinder, and vast quantities of drugs, and why didn't the story make his #1 bestselling book, The Wolf of Wall Street? Why did Marilyn Manson try to strangle his mother? Who punched Lie to Me's Paul Ekman in the face? Why was Chuck Palahniuk shocked when Brad Pitt farted? What was the darkest moment of Bette Midler's life? What happened to David Sedaris when he smoked crystal meth? How did FBI undercover superstar Jack Falcone infiltrate the Mafia without cracking up? Why did Sig Hansen awaken with his face in a plate of scrambled eggs? And why did Sasha Grey's publicist ring in a panic after Antonella interviewed the hardcore porn star?

You'll find the answers to these questions and many more in Mouth. And then you'll understand why interviewer Antonella Gambotto-Burke has been described as "very, very funny" and as having a pen that's "much more deadly than any sword."

Read Antonella's revealing, in-depth interviews with ...

Martin Amis
Jordan Belfort
Cyberporn experts
Edward de Bono
Howard Dully
Paul Ekman
Jack Falcone
Neil Gaiman
Sasha Grey
Sig Hansen
Michael Harmer
Tom Hodgkinson
Marilyn Manson
Hu Ming
Bette Midler
The New Victorians
Chuck Palahniuk
Gavin Pretor-Pinney
David Sedaris
Brent Stirton
Neil Strauss
Toby Young

... and many others!