Hey, this wasn't too bad! But maybe it's because I didn't have high hopes or maybe it's because I was worried that it would be one of those LL books where she's got a million characters and some crazy plot to keep track of, but this was a surprisingly quick, simple to follow read.And I need that now and then from LL!It had your typical LL sex scenes that were only a little bit wicked and unusual (making use of the good ol' cucumber, and a nightstick—I kept thinking about the possible germs, though).:)Of course it wouldn't be LL if the characters didn't spend some time sniping, scowling, and sneering at each other (she really needs a better choice of words—why do two people who love each other scowl and sneer at each other so much?)And there were a few typos and breaks in the logic that had me saying "huh?" a few times, but all in all, not a bad little erotic suspense.Nothing too taxing for the brain, a decent amount of heat, and a pretty simple plot about terrorists being smuggled into the country and hidden in the sleepy little small town of Jericho, Tennessee.The hero, sexy 36-year-old former Marine Jackson Montgomery, is the Sheriff, and 26-year-old Becca Taylor (who had a childhood crush on Jackson) is his newest deputy.It doesn't take them long to act on Becca's desire to see what she's been lusting after for ten years (hot bedroom scenes), but before long, they're both caught up in the task of stopping the treasonous activity going on in their small town. A pretty suspenseful conclusion where both Jackson and Becca's lives are on the line forces each of them to realize their deep feelings for the other, and leads to a nice little HEA.

Just one thing bugged me—there's a minor character in the book, a former detective named Jacob with a tragic past who now is sort of a reclusive "mountain man"—I've been racking my brain wondering if he ever got his own book and I just haven't read it, or if maybe LL has plans to write his story?She sure did give him a bit of a setup for a future story, and I'd definitely be interested in reading it.

So, if you like Lora Leigh and you're interested in reading one of her earlier works that has a sort of Nauti Boys feel to it in terms of atmosphere and suspense—I'm thinking of Nauti Dreams—then you might want to read this one.Not bad.4 stars