Monk is rolling! Yes this is like reading what happens to a caged animal that gets loose or let out of his pen. With nothing to hang around his neck, and the weight of the show and the television season gone, Lee Goldberg takes the characters to new heights. We get to finally see what the man can do with a set of characters on the open highway. I personally love it. Think about it, what can the man do with Monk? The guy keeps himself in a box and is the central character, and personally I don’t want him messed with too much, maybe a tweek here and there. The rest of the crew just starts to roll and build on the last offering which I thought was an amazing piece. Here is a peek inside the novel:
“Three strangers, each a murder victim: a security guard, a struggling student, and a beautiful woman. They have something more in common than death and Monk can't believe what it is-a couch. Before you find out why, you'd better sit down.”
Okay the synopsis is brief, what do you want, it’s Monk. Here is the deal for me: the writing by Lee Goldberg just rules. The characters have never had it this good, and I personally wish this was a three or four times a year thing. Ambrose, Stottlemeyer, the intense Devlin (a great foil), and Natalie are finally being removed from Monk’s shadow and taking on lives of their own. Could other stand alones be forth coming? Could we see an Ambrose, Devlin, or a Natalie digital short story in the future? I for one would love that!
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