Yay. I almost forgot about this one but I remembered reading this in one of your newsletter. I enjoyed reading it again at the same time you just made my day because I've been craving some friends - to - lovers theme and I finally read some.

Gabby and Hadrian's romance was just so sweet and steamy. It's so funny when it's the girl who has been so dense about her best friend's feelings for her but what I like about them is that they are so blunt to each other. So when Hadrian's feelings finally came out because of Gabby's two words, "You don't", I was laughing at the same time and thinking, "oh boy". And from there things got a little bit steamy but a short problem occurred and finally there HEA. It was very fast paced but I totally love it.

Please have more friends - to - lovers theme. I really like how you write their story.