From the Grade 6 reading log files:

"The book I am reading is called Mrs. Pollifax and the Lion Killer. It is about Sammat, future king of Ubangiba. There are rumours that Sammat is a sorcerer who is linked to the lion deaths. The victims look like they have been clawed to death by a lion, but everybody knows there are no lions in Ubangiba. Sammat sends an SOS to Kadi Hopkirk in Connecticut. She goes and tries to help him, and Mrs. Pollifax goes too. There have been three deaths by the time they reach Ubangiba, then two more victims are found. The latest was Esau Motoka, a woodcarver. Everyone is terrified. Then, as if it can't get any worse, Kadi is attacked by a knife-wielding madman. She manages to only get a cut arm. All of Ubangiba is stricken with terror with the five lion deaths. Who will be next? Also, someone stole the assassinated Pres. Simoko's top secret files. Lots of mystery, lots of suspense."