"In order to write this book, I have had to rely on my past experiences in my very young life and reaching into my senior life.Also I enlisted in the army immediately after I graduated from high school.This was June 1943.During my army career it took me across the Atlantic Ocean, England, Utah Beach, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany and Military Government in Austria.Here we rounded up Austrians who had turned in Austrian Jews which had been sent to the occupying German forces for extermination.Later we shipped back to France to serve in an Ordinance unit until we could be shipped back to the United States for our discharge and re-enlistment back into the army.

My personal statement about myself is as follows:Since 1954 when I requested Jesus to enter into my life, I have placed my life in my Lord's hands and everything I say or do must glorify my Lord.

At the present time, my wife Maxine and I live in Conroe, Texas.Our two children are married and live in their homes.We have a son and a daughter.There is five years and five days difference in their ages.We also have five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

I am retired from the United States Army.
John Rich"