This comic book storybook is secretly a birthday card in disguise. It comes with a dragon-designed envelope and is made to be sent to that special niece, nephew, cousin, aunt or uncle who follows their own creative path.

Marvin Stuggle is a dragon who doesn't want to incinerate knights and guard dusty piles of treasure. Instead, he wants to open a museum where all the toys and comics from his childhood and others can be on display. He designs a cave he actually wants people to visit. Chastized by other dragons for not following the path assigned to him, Marvin stands up for standing out!

This gentle and witty parable is told in full-page grey tone comic art with rhyming captions and deliciously subversive word balloons.

Send a card that's more than a card. Send your next creative relative or friend a Birthday Comic Book Card!

Originally released to solid success through comic shops, Marvin the Dragon is now reaching a wider audience through goodreads and