***Reached #1 on the list of bestselling Military Sci-Fi novels on Amazon, as well as #2 First Contact, #3 Space Fleet, and #4 Space Opera.***

It was supposed to be a quiet retirement. One minute Hal Nellis, former air force fighter pilot, is mowing his lawn; the next, he finds himself drafted to fight interstellar pirates set on sacking Earth and other backwater worlds.

When the pirate ships acted independently, the civilian Merchants’ Unity had no trouble keeping them under control. But when the pirates organized to better coordinate their activities, they became an unstoppable force, pushing the underfunded Unity to the brink of collapse and leaving backwater worlds like Earth defenseless.

As one of the rare humans with the hypertasking gene, Hal is able to pilot the best the Unity has to offer. With his help, and that of Captain Kalen Jeffries—the son of human slaves, the remaining ships of the Unity plan a last-ditch effort to break the pirate hegemony. Succeed, and the pirate organization is crushed forever; fail, and the people of Earth and countless other worlds are doomed to slavery and death.

Prepare for a rollicking adventure full of twists and turns you won’t see coming. It's part “Kidnapped,” part “The Guns of Navarone,” and part “The Great Escape.”

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