Race in the Age of Obama, Vol. 1

Table of Contents:

The Two Worlds of Race Revisited: A Meditation on Race in the Age of Obama by Gerald Early

The Two Worlds of Race: A Historical Perspective by John Hope Franklin

Freedom, Equality, Race by Jeffrey B. Ferguson

Racial Liberalism, the Moynihan Report & the Dædalus Project on “The Negro American” by Daniel Geary

Precious African American Memories, Post-Racial Dreams & the American Nation by Waldo E. Martin, Jr.

Race & Inheritance in Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father by Glenda R. Carpio

On Post-Racial America in the Age of Obama by Amina Gautier

Justice & Racial Conciliation: Two Visions by Tommie Shelby

“We dreamed a dream”: Ralph Ellison, Martin Luther King, Jr. & Barack Obama by Eric J. Sundquist

“We're losing our country”: Barack Obama, Race & the Tea Party by Clarence E. Walker

At Last …?: Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Race & History by Farah Jasmine Griffin

“Obligations to Negroes who would be kin if they were not Negro” by Werner Sollors

Poetry in a New Race Era by Korina Jocson

Seeing Jay-Z in Taipei by Hua Hsu

The Concept of Post-Racial: How Its Easy Dismissal Obscures Important Questions by David A. Hollinger

Pursuit of the Pneuma by James Alan McPherson