Nora Grier is a college student with her life mapped out to the minute. She makes time for class, her minimum wage job and studying, but definitely not guys, not after last time.

Gavin Rowley uses his money and power to keep everyone at a distance. He has learned from painful experience that when people learn the secrets of his past they tend to run in the other direction.

When Nora, late for a class, rounds a corner and runs head first in to Gavin's hard chest, neither of their lives are ever going to be the same. Gavin finds himself breaking all of his rules and revealing far more of himself to Nora than he ever intended. Nora tries to ignore Gavin and stick to her life plan, but her desire for this distant and damaged man is overwhelming.

Gavin and Nora both know from past experience that breaking their own rules ends in tears, but sometimes breaking the rules feels so good. Will they be able to control themselves, or will they surrender to their desires and live with the consequences, however disastrous those consequences might be?