Whether you're a keen sight-seer, an armchair traveler, or just at a loose end one weekend, this book will tempt you with gods and goddesses, ancient legends, popular myths, infamous murders, and more.

Where can you get the best sightings of the Loch Ness Monster?Did you know that Wales is the root of the King Arthur and Merlin legends?Renowned writer Richard Jones brings you the answers as he evokes the mysteries of the British Isles' long history and ancient past.Region by region, he reveals, delights in and explains legendary tales that have been passed down through the centuries, setting them in the landscapes and places where they first unfolded.You will encounter many visitors from other worlds—from pagan Celtic gods to fairies and monstrous beasts—as well as human characters such as the infamous Jack the Ripper, notorious royal King Henry VIII, and Dick Whittington, who was mayor of London three times.

Richard Jones's authoritative and entertaining guide to mythological and legendary sites around Britain and Ireland is handsomely designed and illustrated throughout with spectacular photographs, detailed maps, and extracts from original documents.It is the perfect guide for those who wish to explore for themselves the myths and legends of these ancient islands.

Richard Jones has been devising and conducting tours of legendary and mystical Britain since 1982 and is proprietor of the London tour company Discovery Walks and Tours.He is an expert in all things haunted and historical, and the author of several books, including the highly successful Haunted Britain and Ireland and Walking Haunted London.As well as being a regular contributor to programs on the History and Discovery television channels, he wrote and presented the acclaimed Ironhill Pictures drama-documentaries On the Trail of Jack the Ripper and Shakespeare in London.