THE SECRET OF THE OLD CLOCK was wonderful from page one until the end. I truly enjoyed riding along with Nancy as she found herself involved in her first case.

Reading the interactions between Nancy with her father, Hannah her house keeper, and the wide cast of characters she meets and befriends in the story, was great fun. As a girl, Nancy’s kindness was the first thing that drew me to her. And she holds that same appeal to this day.

While Nancy was working so hard to help the families that stood to benefit from her finding the clock, she found herself in many dangerous situations. I really like that she didn’t always get herself out of them. She had no problem with yelling for help. Had no problem taking help that was offered. This made Nancy not only heroic, but human.

Sure, the times have changed. They have even changed for Nancy. The edition I read has been updated and changed from the original, first edition story from 1930. Yet that makes no difference. I still find Nancy Drew to be timeless.

If I had a daughter, I would encourage her to read this entire series. I do however have a niece, and when she is old enough to read at this age level, I will be proud to buy her, her very first Nancy Drew book, THE SECRET OF THE OLD CLOCK.