Nanny Fox is a lovely story about a fox who decides to take on the role of being a nanny to some chickens that live nearby. The story goes against the norm and depicts a situation that wouldn’t be typical in the real world as foxes hunt and eat chickens. The writer has still included this norm in the story, however she emphasizes the power of an individual’s choice by having one fox decide to befriend and even protect the chickens from his own family.
I have suggested this book be appropriate for upper key stage 1 children because this shows children that decision-making is not always about following the majority, but having the courage to do what is right also even though he has not been taught this view by his relatives. They may also associate nannies and caregivers with a female as opposed to male, however the book again defies this showing small children that anybody could and should look after those who need looking after.
As well as an interesting plot the book’s layout will help children’s reading. The direct speech is in a larger font so children can identify characters and sue expression. The pictures are dominant to assist in any tricky words or sentences. The words will move children on in their reading in preparation for key stage 2. I have rated the book 4/5.