It's Christmas Eve.The chicks and their gentle nanny, Arnold Fox, plan togive the gifts to their farmyard friends, then play all day.The three littlepigs are more than happy to join the fun.

But while the friends are dressing up and giggling, Arnold's evil fox relativesare making plans of their own.Santa Claus won't be the only Christmas Evevisitor this year.Still, if anyone can protect Mrs. Buff Orpington and herchicks, the heroic Nanny Fox can.

Christmas couldn't be any more delightful than this day of gift-giving,game-playing, and adventure with the adorable Arnold Fox and his spunkyfriends.

"Adam's comic scenario and ever-sweet protagonist are a can't losecombination."
Publishers Weekly

"...The watercolor illustrations are lively and full of fun...Anentertaining read."
School Library Journal

"Our vulpine hero, watchful guardian to a brood of errant chicks,returns to rescue everyone's happy holiday, in a successful sequel to lastyear's charming Nanny Fox."
Smithsonian Magazine