The girls have dreams about the other two being friends but not them after a fight.It's 2004 and evidently naked is the fashion trend.
In Carrie's dream
For a date Carrie wears navy silk pants with a matching shirt.Her date wears the latest fashion in men's clothing - suspenders over an otherwise naked torso & supper baggy pants.
When she meets up with Sam and Emma, she is wearing a black linen dress with a black linen jacket.
Diana wears a silver minidress with matching silver panties.The material was so sheer over her bosom that it showed a tiny silver bra shot through with royal blue and purple threads.
Emma had on a long white dress slit up to her waist at the side.
Sam had on a pink and red minidress over pink and red panties.It was held at the shoulders with tiny rhinestoned straps.On her feet were her red cowboyboots.