Shock arrives, bent over from carrying hefty knapsacks and panting from his forced break-in. "Get out!" we scream.

This compelling story introduces us to nine friends who enter our lives as we anguish over the loss of someone or something we love. Their identities will astonish you, and you may rail against them. As you journey through the pages, not only will you come to trust them, but you also will be overwhelmed by the life-changing transformation they leave behind.

"Brilliant, inspired, and absolutely, profoundly insightful."

Annemarie Osborne - Communication Strategist, Bavaria, Germany

"Creative story-telling that brings comfort, understanding, and healing."

David McNally - Best Selling Author, Even Eagles Need a Push

"Poignant, cathartic and heartwarming - I wish it had been available when I lost my mother."

Sue Zelickson - Reporter/Consultant for Minnesota Monthly Magazine

"A deeply thought-provoking story that translates life's mysteries into a powerful visual - I will read it again and again."

Luanne Bibbe - President and CEO of Suma Center