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NJ ASK Grade 3 — Mathematics

Fully aligned with the Core Curriculum Content Standards

of the N.J. State Board of Education


Sharpen understanding and skills

* The book's friendly practice and review covers all Mathematics Standards that will appear on the official NJ ASK exam.

* Easy-to-follow lessons engage the student and strengthen math skills and knowledge

* Focused drills boost confidence and proficiency

* Figures clearly illustrate subject review and practice questions

* Color icons highlight questions and tips

* Organized for efficient measurement and assessment of student progress

* Written to appeal to students at all learning levels


Practice for real

* Create the closest experience to test day with 2 full-length practice tests

* Chart performance with detailed explanations of answers

* Help reduce test-day jitters with our tried-and-true tips


Ideal for Classroom, Family, or Solo Test Preparation!


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