Nocturnal Academy principal Madam Nocturna has tasked Quincy Darkchilde, the new Professor of Magick, and Marco Cazadora the half-elf Jesuit, to figure out how the mysterious Mirror of Albiroth really works.

Meanwhile, Millicent Jorgenson sees something disturbing in the school library. Unfortunately she can’t bring herself to report it to Madam Nocturna. More strange events follow, breaking up the relationship between Toby and Carla and setting them against each other.

The Mirror has been exhibiting some strange behaviour lately, and Marco concludes that someone has been tampering with it. He believes that someone - or something - might even have come through it into the Nocturnal Academy.

But who - or what – can possibly be creeping around the school, without anyone noticing? It is Milly who finally figures out the awful truth – just before she is abducted in the middle of the new Oval Jungle.

Can Professor Darkchilde and Marco get the Mirror working in time to rescue Milly?

And more importantly, can Toby and Carla overcome their differences enough to help?

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