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You want to be happy in your relationships, but it’s not always what you imagined. The rules of dating have changed, and like many other single women, you may not know what to do. Lots of women fly by the seat of their pants, get bad advice from friends, and waste valuable time with unavailable men. Well, it’s time to leave all that behind. This book is your new best friend.

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In Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating You'll Learn:

• How to become the woman every man desires... you might think you know what men truly want, but I'll give you a hint: IT ISN'T WHAT THEY'RE TELLING YOU! Learn specific strategies that help you become an exciting and highly desirable woman without sacrificing your integrity or morality

• There isn't a single man alive who can resist looking at an attractive, sexy woman. Even if you don't think you could ever be considered attractive or sexy, YOU'LL GET THE SURPRISE OF YOUR LIFE when you read, digest and start applying these celebrity make-over secrets you'll find in this book!

• TWELVE TECHNIQUES YOU CAN BEGIN USING TODAY to bring out the "sexy" in you and start gaining some attention as early as tomorrow night! (And most of these don't even require you leaving your house!)

• Some extremely important things you need to do and learn if you want to UNDERSTAND MEN BETTER. Doing these simple things will give you a much better idea of what men think about women. This gives you an uncanny ability to decipher what's going on inside his head when you're just getting to know him!

• SIX CHARACTERISTICS OF DIVAS you should begin modeling right away to become incredibly confident and ooze with insatiable sex appeal... you'll even learn how to become the center of attention wherever you go!

• Uncover which one of five potential roles you will play in any relationship... know what these roles are, and how, why and IF you should play them. If you don't CHOOSE WHICH ROLE YOU WILL PLAY FROM THE VERY BEGINNING of the relationship, he'll choose for you and will expect you to either play your role, or exit stage-left!

• SECRETS OF THE *REVERSED* 80/20 RULE, and how following this golden rule for every man you meet could propel you into the most meaningful, enjoyable and fulfilling relationship of your life.

• The dating game just isn't what it used to be—and the ways to meet and date men have undergone a drastic transformation. In the past, women typically met men in grocery stores, gyms, bars & lounges. These places can still be effective, but they have also gotten stale and withered from the times. In this book, you'll LEARN FIVE HOT, NEW WAYS TO MEET the kind of men you want—easier than ever before!

• HOW TO COMMUNICATE ON A FIRST DATE — even when everything else is going well up to the point of getting him interested to the point of asking you out on a first date, it can all be ruined as quickly as it began unless you follow these vital rules for communication...