* Intended for mature audiences who enjoy sexually graphic scenes. *

This collection includes all three stories of the Nurse Tiffany erotica series involving a disabled young man and his budding sexual relationship with his beautiful caregiver.

Nurse Tiffany Bathes Me: Jeff Sanders is embarrassed at getting hard in front of his new caregiver Tiffany but she solves the problem by playing dress-up and releasing his pressure.

Nurse Tiffany Meets an Escort: Developing feelings for Tiffany, Jeff decides to have sex with a prostitute to relieve his tension. All bets are off when Tiffany opts to join in!

Nurse Tiffany Makes a Confession: Jeff suspects his caregiver is after his money but he discovers instead she's actually into devoteeism, being sexually attracted to disabled people. Hot sex ensues.

This bundle of stories comes in at 22,600 words and is geared solely toward people who like getting turned on...