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"Origin And Fall of the Alamo, March 6, 1836" by John S. Ford is a look at one of the most famous battles in U. S. Military history; the fall of the Alamo in the Texas War for independence.

John Salmon Ford 1815-97 was a member of the Republic of Texas Congress; theTexas State Senate; mayor of Brownsville, Texas; a Texas Ranger; a Confederate Colonel and a Texas journalist.

Ford, known to contemporaries as "Rip" Ford for always including the words "Rest In Peace" after the names of battle causalities in battle reports, was an early settler of Texas arriving in 1836. He spent his later years writing reminiscences and historical articles and promoting an interest in Texas history. This short book of 16,000+ words was written in 1896 to help raise money for the Alamo Monument. It gives a history of the fateful battle of the Alamo, during which 190 Texans withstood the siege of 4,000 Mexican troops until finally overwhelmed. The cry, "Remember The Alamo" became a watchword in the Texas struggle for independence and has remained so throughout U. S. Military history.

In the "Historical Remarks" section at the end of the book, some little known interesting facts are give about San Antonio history both before and after the battle of the Alamo.

A great battle history of the struggle for the Alamo using the historic records of the time. Very scarce in the original binding, it is presented in an inexpensive e-book for those interested is this pivotal battle.