Previously Considered A Rare Mental Condition, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Now Appears To Be A Hidden Epidemic With Over 6.5 Million Sufferers. What Are The Typical Characteristics Of Those With OCD? Which Therapies Best Target Specific OCD Symptom "Clusters?" What Medical Conditions Can Cause Symptoms Similar To OCD? How Does OCD Present In Children And Adolescents? What Behavioral And/Or Medication Treatments Appear Most Effective For Managing OCD Symptoms? Get Thorough, Quick Answers To These And Other Questions, Plus Easily Reference Key OCD Assessment Measures, Including Those Recommended For Children And Adolescents, Using Exposure And Response Prevention Therapy, The Evolving Role Of Genetics In Understanding What Causes OCD, The Impact Of Cognitive Treatments For OCD Chart Of Medication Treatments And Their Side-Effects And Effectiveness Of Medications Vs. Behavior Therapy