My 6 year old son recently borrowed this book from our local library.

Francine is bragging about how good her cat is at tricks. Olivia responds that her cat is better, and it goes into a who's cat can do better tricks. The teacher overhears the commotion between the girls and decides to have the class bring in their animals for show and tell the next day. Olivia tries to teach her cat, Edwin, all kinds of cool tricks before the big day. Each child shows off their pet. When it is Olivia and Edwin's turn. he shows off the tricks he knows best, sleeping and snoring. Francine's cat Gwendolyn wins first place for all her wonderful tricks. On the way home, Olivia can't find Edwin. Her and Julian end up finding him at Francine's house doing ticks for Gwendolyn.

This book is follows the television episode. My son needed some help reading this book. I think replacing some of the words with small picture icons made it a little harder to read, it interrupted the flow of the story.Has nice illustrations that also go along with the television episode.