When I bought this book, I knew I would discover something new as I have learn that every word in the Bible has a purpose and meaning. I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge in this dissertation of the mainstay of Christianity, the Lord's Prayer. Mr. Mills takes on this cornerstone and turns out a significant revelation as to the meaning of the prayer verse by verse. I have learn so much by reading this book and it also has served as a reminder of the true purpose of life.

Reading this you cannot help but become introspective as to how you are living your own life. In the illustrations that Mark Mills uses throughout the book really helped in giving me clarity in understanding the deeper meaning. An example of this would be in the way he explains "attunement" By using the guitar and the piano, I was able to grasp the concept with a sense of "I get it!"

Here is a quote of the meaning of "attunement" to show the common sense approach that is taken, " I like to think of this concept as similar to the relationship between a guitar and a piano. I can tune my guitar to a piano, but I and the pianist are not attuned because even though we are in tune, we can be dissonant by playing two different songs with different rhythms. We can even be playing the same song, but if we play at a different pace and different keys, even though our instruments are in tune, we are still dissonant. For us to be truly attuned, we have to be in tune, playing the same piece of music in the same key at the same rhythm and tempo. In sync. We don't have to be playing exactly the same things, but need to be in a harmonious relationship that makes a beautiful collaborative piece of music, as in a symphony."

What I found remarkable about this book is how Mark Mills was able to transcend the dogmas of religion and bring forth an excellent example of how one should live their life. It doesn't matter what your faith or beliefs are, there is an universal message contained within the Lord's Prayer that is extrapolated here in an easy, common sense way that serves as a guide to living a virtuous life. It is so refreshing to read a book of this magnitude and scope without some ulterior motive being pushed. This is a clean and honest dissertation from the heart, mind, and soul. I commend Mr. Mills for his "Landmark" work on such an important piece of Christianity.