One Direction is a group of singers from 2010. Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis became famous because they started a competition in X Factor. They were supposed to be eliminated but they came third place. “To the five hopefuls, it felt like their dreams were over even before they begun”.This quote is telling how One Direction felt when they heard that they were illuminated.In this book, it is going to describe every character that is in the group.

Harry is born on the 1st February 1994 making him the youngest person on the group. Harry has a sister called Gemma. Before Harry decided to go to X factor, he had ambitions to be a lawyer. There is a quote that Harry wrote about his group. “ I think people see us down to earth. We don’t try to act like big pop start. We’re attainable and we’re friendly. None of us have changed, and I honestly don’t think we will.”

Liam is born on the 29th August 1993. He had always dream to go into space. Liam likes his group because he gets to be together every time he needs something and the group always supported Liam. “ I get to travel the world with my four best friends, do brilliant shows, see the most incredible places, and meet incredible people.” This is what he though about having a group and how it is fun for him.

Zayn is born on the 12th of January 1993. He really likes his group and is ready to do whatever will help him to succeed. He said “ I’ve got 4 very good mates out of being in the band and that’s cool.” Liam is born the 24th of December 1991. His first word was cat. He thought he had a superpower and he would fly. One quote he said was “ We are a team.” This quote explains that they will not give up and continue until the top. Niall is also another member but there was not much to say.