Also included in the book Inner Urges, a compilation of the Wild Hearts series books One Wild Weekend and Wild by Night.

Book 1 of the Wild Hearts series

Nathan Anderson is known for two things-his multimillion-dollar outdoor superstore chain and his string of meaningless affairs. Nate is determined to keep his love 'em and leave 'em reputation intact. But that's before he's challenged to spend a weekend dressed in drag at the annual Wild Woman's event…a weekend where Nate is to prove he can handle having a non-sexual friendship with a woman. And way before he meets his soon-to-be tent mate, Kelsey Stuart. Kelsey's not shy about undressing in front of what she believes to be another woman. The free-spirited, nature lover is nothing like any other woman Nate has ever met. The sensations she rouses in him feel right in a way he's never before experienced, as well as in a wildly passionate way he has no desire to deny. When Kelsey's clothes start to fall away, Nate's vow to keep his hands off and his feelings aside war with his conscience and the desire that simmers between them.