Orchids have long held a fascination, both for keen botanists andthe general public. From the mania of Victorian collectors to theenthusiasm of modern photographers, this family of flowering plants hasa strange and exotic appeal. Many orchids are beautiful, and some arerare.

This well illustrated orchid guide covers the identification, biology and conservation of British and Irish orchids. Until recently, the whereabouts of the rarer species was shrouded in secrecy, makingpublication of any details ethically impossible. In the last few years, however, these veils have been lifted and it is now possible to publishlocations for all but one or two species. For the first time, this bookincludes a detailed site guide, covering the best places to see orchidsin Britain.

"A model field guide: good, large photographs that are actuallyrather gorgeous; a clear text that tells you how to identify the plantusing the English language rather than "botanicalese"; useful diagramsof those spectacular flower parts; and a really comprehensive sectionon geographical range and subspecies." "The Daily Telegraph"